Our Story

My name is Christopher, I’m a Consultant in Healthcare by day, but vintage treasures have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember.

My MawMaw had a perpetual garage sale growing up, and I loved working the garage sale with her on weekends at her home in DeQuincy, LA. I still have a pair of McCoy Swan planters she gave me as a youth. Ironically, my other Grandmother gave me a McCoy Jardiniere in the exact same shade of green, that is still in my collection today.

It was just natural that I would decide a couple of years ago, to start selling vintage as a “hobby-hustle”. From my first sale in January 2021, this has been an amazing chapter.  Fast forward a couple of years and I had another idea that sparked a passion…..

Two things I have always loved are Gallery Walls and beautiful fabric. Of course, Original art is one of my favorite things to find, but I also love finding other unique items for my gallery wall.

I can go in a fabric store and see a multitude of fabrics that I would love to use, unfortunately, there were just limited areas where I could use them.  So I’ve always been on the hunt for a way to integrate even small pieces into my home.  The love of finding affordable original art is another long-term passion.   I love using art throughout my home and loved the process of curating the Gallery Wall in my Den. And, I was always on the lookout for small pieces to mix in with the paintings.  

I’ve seen other small embellished frame pieces, but still wanted something with the texture and colors of the beautiful fabrics I’ve always loved……and from that, was born the idea to create a “brooch” for the wall.

My “Wall Brooches” are made to bring together beautiful fabrics, vintage frames & whimsy. 

Each one is unique and numbered.

They are a little piece of my creative soul. cWs